How Bud will use Generative AI Tools

July 5, 2023
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Like many businesses out there right now, we’ve been racking our brains internally around the implications of generative AI on our craft. And truth be told, we’re all pretty excited about what the future holds for communications and PR.

But at the same time, we know that our clients will be wondering how our work with them is to be impacted. There’s a number of considerations for Bud in this area – whether it be practical, legal, or ethical – and we wanted to create a practical framework for how we’ll be moving forward.

During a recent company off-site we sat together as an agency and put the first steps in place to create our framework, which you’ll find below. The aim of the following is two-fold. First and foremost, it’s about giving clarity to our clients, so that they can continue to place their trust in our work, specifically around how we handle their sensitive information.

Secondly, it’s about starting a conversation across the agency landscape. We strongly believe generative AI is an incredible value-add to today’s top-class PR pro, whose ability to create meaningful relationships and tell powerful human stories has only been enhanced by this technology.

The team at Bud uses generative AI to…






We believe our framework is only the beginning and as such, this represents a living document that will update over time. However, the four key questions our team will always ask before applying any of the use cases above are:

Does this usage

Onwards and upwards!


July 2023