How To Work (In Your Pyjamas)

April 7, 2021
  |  by 
Maina Harjani

When the pandemic struck early last year, little did we know that we would have to make our personal space our productive place too. From having to commute to work daily, going out for lunch breaks, attend client meetings or after-work catch ups with colleagues, our laptops became the only device we absolutely needed to get through the day, doing all of the same or similar things, but  virtually.


We suddenly had all the time in the world to think, to ponder, to wander. Experiences gained its worth, learning more than what we knew became a necessity, virtual workshops and meetings were what filled our days and social distancing became the norm.  


However, on that note, having a work environment that fosters employee wellbeing and experience certainly helps. Remote working, a term that was foreign to many, gained popularity. Companies had to adapt to the change and adopt practices to make sure employees were just as motivated, inspired and productive as they would otherwise be.


Fast forward to one year later, many of us around the world are still working from home, a concept now different from what we began the year 2020 with. Now it is a place of comfort, a cocoon of safety and at Bud Communications, we’ve learnt to master the art of being productive.


Despite being socially distant, we’ve got a morning routine of check-ins, daily work priorities, regular check-ups and most importantly, a communication system that ensures you’re not in this alone. We know that although we may be miles apart, we’re only a slack message away to a truckload of support, whether it’s on a professional note or just a friendly chat about life.


Tech has come a long way in the way all of us use it now. Whichever industry or company we come from, our priorities are different and we’re mostly on-screen than we are off.Having said this, below are some examples of what we can do outside of work to make sure our minds are always focused, energised and refreshed.

Investing in health and wellbeing:

Functioning at optimum levels internally will result in the way we deliver externally i.e. at work. Feeling good and confident about yourself will transpire into the way you meet with clients, prepare proposals and communicate with those around you. Fortunately, at Bud, most of us are guilty of being fitness junkies and take full pride init.


Completing least favourite tasks first:

Even though this may sound clichéd, but working on getting that particular task done first before you allow it to get in the way of the rest of your day makes room for the more ‘enjoyable’ priorities.


Winding down gracefully:

Allow yourself some time before the day ends to write down the next day’s priorities before shutting the laptop off. This gives you direction on what you’d like to accomplish and sets the tone for the following day or following week. Snack Fridays at Bud is our version of winding down gracefully for the week!


If you’re looking to enliven your business, enhance your tech work or are looking to join our diverse team, we’ll be more than happy to connect with you! Hit us up on to make your day a little brighter.