TL;DR: BeReal and a #throwback to the age of #nofilter content

September 15, 2022
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Kimberly Garcia
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What’s going down?

A new social media platform, BeReal, is topping charts, offering a different proposition to traditional social media apps. Once a day, users simultaneously get notified to snap a picture - one from their rear camera and the other from their front camera. They’re only allowed 2 minutes to capture these, sans filter or editing tools, encouraging candidness in the age of curated social media content.

Why should APAC businesses care?

Why are we at Bud excited about this?
BeReal takes us back to the early days of social media, free of opaque algorithms, more #reality than #expectations. We’re excited to see how social media behaviours and content will evolve, both for consumers and brands, off the back of growing conversations around performativity and authenticity online.

What’s next? 

The rise of BeReal has caught the attention of social media giants, and many are already announcing plans to launch similar features. Such a move may alter our social media feeds in the months to come, giving us a glimpse into more #nofilter moments from the people we follow.