From zero presence in Southeast Asia to multi-market features on customer success


 MoEngage, an insights-led engagement platform, had a goal to expand outside of India and into Southeast Asia. The brand had no media presence in the region, except for funding announcement coverage, but had already established strong customer relationships. MoEngage tasked Bud to help raise awareness for the brand and its success stories across key markets - Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


MoEngage had already developed a press release, which Bud helped to edit and tailor for the Southeast Asian markets. The team identified a suitable date for dissemination after the New Year holidays and sent it across the four markets, with a focus on Indonesia and regional media across Singapore and Malaysia. 


MoEngage was featured in top-tier coverage across trade and daily titles such as Tech in Asia, Antara News, New Straits Times and Borneo Post.