Tiger Brokers

Planting the seeds for a bigger brand awareness play in other SEA markets


Tiger Brokers, a leading global online brokerage firm, seeks to achieve initial public recognition and lay the foundation to establish a strong brand presence outside Singapore, particularly in other SEA markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.


Bud formulated a multi-market strategy primarily centred around three key objectives: firstly, to create awareness for Tiger Brokers and establish its reputation within the region; secondly, to position Tiger Brokers and its leadership as authorities within the industry; and thirdly, to utilise success stories, data, and new product offerings to communicate the ongoing progression of the company. In pursuit of these goals, a range of precisely tailored media techniques were implemented, encompassing newsjacking, commentaries, press releases, bylines, and interviews.


In just a span of three months, we were able to increase Tiger Brokers’ SOV across SEA by 21%. This captures more than 803.5 million potential total audience reach across SEA, coming from a number of Tier 1 media, including The Edge, Nikkei Asia, The Straits Times, SWA (ID), Thai MLM News, Tech in Asia, and Singapore Business Review. Collectively, this achieved a total of more than 17,000% ROI in just three months.